Linda Wilson


Linda L. Wilson has defied all odds. She was born to a mother who has developmental disabilities and to a father who has constantly abused substances and has been incarcerated throughout Linda’s life. At a young age, Linda was diagnosed with borderline Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which caused her to have many challenges of her own. However, She refused to make excuses for her life and continues to overcome her obstacles. At the age of ten, Linda was assisting her mother with bills, preparing meals, maintaining their apartment, taking care of her baby sister, and more. Child Protective Services reportedly intervened on several occasions, all related to neglect.

By the age of twelve, Linda’s grandparents (her angels) were aware of everything going on and were awarded permanent guardianship. Linda spent so much of her childhood catering to the needs of her mother and sister that she was not performing at grade-level in school and lacked in social skills. She had to go through numerous amounts of testing to get the help and accommodations that she needed in order to succeed. Thanks to her grandparents (her angels) advocating for her, Linda was the first in her family to graduate from high school. Linda believes that if there were an agency like Living Purpose, her mother would have been able to handle the responsibilities and challenges of life. Her mother loves her girls and would do nothing to hurt them, but she had no one advocating for her, assisting her, or educating her about life skills. Linda continues to assist her mother and has began to develop a healthy relationship with her mother and is still trying to build one with her dad. She’s also thankful that her mom has giving her the permission to tell this story and has been a healing process for the both of them.

Linda cannot thank God enough for her grandparents (her angels), her church, and everyone who has been a part of her journey. Because of them, she has been non-stop and has a passion to make a difference in the life of others. God gave Linda a purpose in life and she wants people to know that having a disability does not mean that a person is without purpose in life.

Linda has over 15 years of experience due to her life experiences. She has worked with youth, in foster care, who had an array of mental disorders, including developmental and physical disabilities. She has worked as a social worker for adults with various emotional disturbances, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed volunteering as a mentor for the youth at her church. She has also volunteered for adults with disabilities who struggle with substance abuse. Linda has completed a case management course at UCSD and is pursuing her degree in Psychology. Linda enjoys spending time with family and friends, fine dining, and traveling. She has also completed an entrepreneur business academy program, substance abuse training, CPI training, and more. She continues to go to workshops, trainings, and conferences so she can better assist others with needs.

Linda dedicates the Living Purpose Agency to her grandparents (her angels) because without their sacrifice, prayers, and teaching, she would not have had the courage to open her own agency. May her grandparents (her angels) rest in peace. Also, in loving Memory of her mother that has passed away December 20, 2017. I will ALWAYS love you mom.